Sean Coh

Aspiring Software Developer


Python, SQL, and HTML/CSS, Django

Unit One Image

Game of Chance

Unit 1 Project

The Game of Chance is a program with 5 mini games of chance inside. These games include rock paper scissors, guess the number, coin flip, horse race, and pick the card. The user has 5 lives and one of these game has a extra live in them. Each game has it's own function and it uses a while loop to pick and run the mini you want until the user is out of lives.

Unit Two Image

Banking System

Unit 2 Project

This program is a mock banking system. Where you can deposit, withdraw and add money into your savings account, which are all done by classes. Little features like view balance, delete account and change password makes with program great. How is it done you may ask! Well the features are done inside a function and a while loop gives the user option to choose from.

Cand Bamp Image

Cand Bamp

Unit Project

This project was inspired by Band Camp. My partner's and I worked on this for 2 week. The project is to inspire artist to post articles about their new song and to add their song. The website makes the user login, signup, add music/article, comment and add picture's to their profile and music album. Most of the website features has authentication to keep other users from editing things that's not theirs.

Netflix Landing Page

Netflix Landing Page

Side Project

This Wall-e netflix landing page was built mostly on CSS. The eye catching thing about this website is the background content fading into image. This was built by linear-gradient and many other color variables. Little things like the the age recommendation, age, release date color span is amazing. The navbar has the netflix logo and some navigation links along with the search icon, notification bell and account.

Product page

Product Page

Side Project

This website is Apple Watch products landing page that has links so you can buy straight from the apple website. The landing page includes some detail about the company and the products.

Neon Button

Neon Buttons

Side Project

This website has buttons that glows in the dark as you hover over them. It is done by transitions and border showdows in CSS. Wanted to do this website to get practice on CSS.